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The DEWALT DW714 Mitre Saw has been designed for professional cutting of wood and aluminum, wood products, aluminum products and plastics. It performs the sawing operations of cross-cutting, bevelling and mitring easily, accurately and safely. This unit is designed for use with a nominal blade diameter 254 mm carbide tip blade.

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Cutting Capacities:

0° mitre, 0° bevel

  • Resulting width at max. height 89 mm : 95 mm
  • Resulting height at max. width 130 mm : 68 mm

45° mitre, 0° bevel

  • Resulting width at max. height 89 mm : 67 mm
  • Resulting height at max. width 91 mm : 68 mm

0° mitre, 45° bevel

  • Resulting width at max. height 50 mm : 95 mm
  • Resulting height at max. width 130 mm : 40 mm

45° mitre, 45° bevel

  • Resulting width at max. height 45 mm : 70 mm
  • Resulting height at max. width 91 mm : 40 mm
GTIN 5035048660935
RATING Industrial
NO LOAD SPEED (1ST) 4600rpm
DEPTH OF CUT AT 90º 89 mm
DEPTH OF CUT AT 45º 50 mm
CUTTING CAPACITY AT 90°/45° (W X H) 67 x 68 mm
CUTTING CAPACITY AT 90°/90° (W X H) 95 x 68 mm
MAX. CUTTING CAPACITY AT 45°/45° 70 x 40 mm
WEIGHT (KG) 12.0000
  • 1 x Mitre Saw
  • 1 x 80 Tooth Blade
  • 1 x Wrench
  • 1 x Dust bag
  • 1 x Vertical clamp
  • 2 x Work support
  • The machine is provided with a special configured power supply cord which can only be replaced by the manufacturer or its authorised service agent.
  • Do not use the saw to cut other materials than those recommended by the manufacturer.
  • Do not operate the machine without guards in position, or if guards do not function or are not maintained properly.
  • Ensure that the arm is securely fixed when performing bevel cuts.
  • Keep the floor area around the machine level, well-maintained and free of loose materials, e.g., chips and cut-offs.
  • Use correctly sharpened saw blades. Observe the maximum speed mark on the saw blade.
  • Make sure all locking knobs and clamp handles are tight before starting any operation.
  • Never place either hand in the blade area when the saw is connected to the electrical power source.
  • Never attempt to stop a machine in motion rapidly by jamming a tool or other means against the blade; serious accidents can occur.
  • Before using any accessory consult the instruction manual. The improper use of an accessory can cause damage.
  • Use a holder or wear gloves when handling a saw blade.
  • Ensure that the saw blade is mounted correctly before use.
  • Make sure that the blade rotates in the correct direction.
  • Take care when slotting.
  • Do not use blades of larger or smaller diameter than recommended. For the proper blade rating refer to the technical data. Use only the blades specified in this manual, complying with EN 847-1.
  • Consider applying specially designed noise-reduction blades.
  • Do not use HSS blades.
  • Do not use cracked or damaged saw blades.
  • Do not use any abrasive or diamond discs.
  • Never use your saw without the kerf plate.
  • Raise the blade from the kerf in the workpiece prior to releasing the switch.


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